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A Change of Plans

I never thought I'd write about this so soon after going through my bimonthly goals, but here goes:

I received some news about a project that I've been waiting to work on since the beginning of the year. I'm not going to say what it is--I've only shared this with family and close friends--but it has thrown everything that I've had planned out of order. Production schedules had to be changed. Publication plans had to be changed. As it goes, my planner has chicken-scratch marks all over it, so I've stopped scheduling things until I get more information on how to tackle my projects.

That means one of my manuscripts had to be put in the back burner. And it just so happened that I still hadn't been able to look at LDR, even after months of getting notes together and scheduling revisions.

So, unfortunately, my long distance romance had to go.

It was painful, yes. And I had to talk to my editor about this, who told me that she can wait until I'm ready to edit …

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