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Manifesting Your Dreams

Let me tell you a story of how a simple question can lead to an extraordinary idea.

Several months ago on Twitter, we had a Q & A session with actor Migs Almendras, who's also one of our live readers for #romanceclass. For some reason, I was feeling pretty naughty that night, so I thought I'd ask a funny question. Here's what I came up with:  Would you be willing to participate in an M/M cover shoot? If so, with whom? #AskMigs#MigsEmoceans — Stella Torres (@TheStellaTorres) June 8, 2017 After explaining the term M/M to Migs, he gave me an answer:

I think I'd go for Fred! His first performance was awesome and unique haha! — Miguel Almendras (@Migs_Almendras) June 8, 2017 Then the conversation took a surprising turn:

Hahaha! I'd be honored.:)) 👍🏻 — Fred Lo (@MrFredLaw) June 8, 2017 I wasn't thinking about it then, but somehow this moment took on a life of its own. Finally, the guys' schedules converged, and the shoot finally came into fruition.


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