Today's Dispatch: I Wasn't Informed

Apparently some smart-aleck from the Malacanang press corps has gotten a hold of... um... certain videos that I have dreaded hoped would turn up on YouTube someday.

Unfortunately, I refuse to post the 100% pure blackmail-quality videos that have turned up, because none of them involve "Someone Like You" or "Party Rock Anthem." (Seriously, dude, could you please leave the Journey catalog alone? Kthxbai.) Nor will I even post those videos of him performing his own songs, because that would make him so annoyingly perfect that I [EDITED: Now that I think about it, my instincts were correct. Dude, I love you, but I am also an English major.]

Anyway: apologies in advance to those who think that I should have left this nonsense well enough alone.

This is the closest I'll ever get to a dark and fuzzy clip of him singing "My Way" at an undisclosed location in Metro Manila.

Next request from the universe: Cumberbaraoke. (No, I don't mean Benny singing something in a movie; I mean Benny in the middle of nowhere, belting out "Sympathy for the Devil" while bombed out of his mind. You know it's out there.)

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