My Personal Recipe for Breakfast Joy (and Occasional Liquid Snackitude)

In a bowl (or mug, which is the personal choice for many dormers) combine the following:

Quick cooking oats
1 packet of regular Nesvita (or substiture 3 tbsp. of powdered milk and 1 tsp of sugar)
1 tbsp. of Milo (optional, but if you're an insane Milo addict like me you're going to need one of these)

Add hot water from the dispenser. Stir until it looks like porridge. Enjoy.

WARNING: If you try to make this in bulk, make the base mixture in a bowl first: Add equal amounts of oats and Nesvita/milk and sugar, and do not add too much cinnamon, which will make your mixture too spicy on top of turning it into a brown mess. It's also best to leave out the Milo when making this in bulk, since that stuff can harden when it absorbs too much moisture.

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