COVER REVEAL: Crushingly Close

And it's (almost) here!

*cue "Hold On, We're Going Home" by Drake*

Look at that cover! It's so glorious!

The cover was designed by the lovely Gail Villanueva, who helped me out with the stock photos and typography to make sure that everything stood out in the final product. She's also a writer, so she understood how to hit the sweet spot for the NA/Contemporary vibe that we were going for here.

And in case you missed the reveal at Will Read For Feels, here's the blurb for the book:
At twenty-four years old, Agnes Escueta has risen from the ranks to become a producer for Sports Tonight. No one can touch her, it seems—not even crush-worthy anchorman Daniel Ferrer, who she gets to work with every single day. When a road trip to Indonesia throws Agnes and Daniel together, they find themselves working in close quarters. It doesn’t take long before Agnes finds herself being charmed by Daniel, and her defenses start to melt with his touch. With deadlines looming and a big game coming, Agnes must figure out how to let Daniel into her life without risking her professional reputation—and without breaking her own heart.
Buy links are forthcoming, but look for this story to hit your e-readers before the end of the month. In the meantime, why not get an early start by adding this to your Goodreads shelf now? It'll be a great read, I promise you.

See you soon!

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