So, How Did Your Week Go?

Well, for one thing, I'm writing two papers at the same time, and I don't recommend it. As soon as I finish one, I end up procrastinating on another. Big drain on the system, that.

That also meant spending the entirety of Valentine's Day all alone, with nothing but literature reviews to keep me warm at night.

And, oh yeah, a little bit of sour-graping too:

Forget the couples - I was more jealous of my single friends getting cupcakes and donuts while I spent my whole day eating stuff-on-a-stick. (Let us not even speak of all the dirty things I refuse to associate with Benedict Cumberbatch. I like the guy, and I luuuurve Sherlock, but... really?. Wink, wink.)

Also, I wrote some fiction in Filipino. I wish I could translate it right now, but that would take time.

Anyhoodles, this whole week will be spent on finishing those papers while I plan out the rest of this semester. I will be back, though, and I will post more... stuff, when the inspiration strikes.


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