Today's Dispatch: Once Again, Crushes of Yore

This post is brought to you by the movie Hitchcock, starring Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren.

Also starring Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel... and THIS GUY.

Screencap from The Daily Beast

Look, I know what you are all thinking: Several entries ago I already "ruled out" Michael Stuhlbarg for the "role" of Adam in my screenplay, partly because he didn't seem to have the same a-hole vibe that Seth Rogen radiated for the character. And yet, he's still in the original headcanon (ie. the one where I'm still playing Iris) because, well, Griffin the Arcanian and all that.

Really, I could not care less about Lincoln or Boardwalk Empire - and yet, here I am, watching a trailer on a biopic on one of my favorite filmmakers, only to stop and say, "Damn, Michael Stuhlbarg is in this? That's it, I'm watching."

(See also: Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in Sherlock. Also, to an extent, Jeremy Renner in The Unusuals.)

In fairness, the guy is talented, and there are times when he has the Joaquin Phoenix thing going on with him, looks-wise, so it's not like I'm always going to need a HAZMAT-grade shower if I look him up on Tumblr. And it's not like he's been doing anything cheese-tastic on film so far (ahem), so it's probably safe. But with that said...

Really? THIS GUY?

Well, maybe not on a "list"-worthy level, but there's something there.  Unless there's something else that I need to know...

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