Today's Dispatch: So This Is Christmas (Part 5) - And Some Good News

Before I post my last round of Christmas songs, I would like to make an important announcement regarding one of my long-standing projects: My screenplay Right Here Right Now is almost finished - and if all goes well, as it should, that means I'm going to have a full draft just in time for Christmas! Wheeeee!!!

(And, yes, it will be available for review. Just drop me a line in the Comments section if you're interested.)

That also means I can clear a little more time to wrap up another finished draft for Cada Veces, which should also be available for review by next year. I'm looking forward to seeing this through till publication; if it works out, great, and if it doesn't, at least there's a next time around the corner.

So, to celebrate all of this Christmas cheer, here's one final round of quirky carols for your playlist.

First: "Christmas Lights" by Coldplay.

Second: "All I Want For Christmas is New Year's Day" by The Hurts.

And finally, the holiday-worthy "Come on Home" by Everything But the Girl.

From our house to yours: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a very Happy New Year!

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