Today's Dispatch: More Randomesticity

This post was brought to you by Gabriel Macht's hair.



(In the pre-Pinterest version of "the list," the man currently known as Harvey Specter would have been classified under Tier 1.5: Awesome Human Being, alongside Roger Federer and Matt Damon. Yes, hot, but he's also happily married to Jacinda from The Real World: London, and I would not dare to mess with that.)

On to the rest:

- My current living situation, in my current dorm, is not too shabby. True, it's no five-star hotel, and I'm always watching over my shoulder to make sure that my roommate isn't going to freak out on me, but I now get to have more of those quiet moments where I can write and study at home, in peace. Not only does it save me money (Starbucks ain't cheap here, yo) and aggravation (less stuff to haul) but the alone time also gives me more flexibility, so I can work as much as possible without worrying that I have to wait before I eat/ drink/ go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, this setup isn't going to last too long for me, since I have to move out at the end of the term and I've been given another slot at another dorm, but I'm liking it here a lot.

- Just when I thought I did not need another red lipstick of any kind, along comes Revlon's ColorBurst Lip Butter in Red Velvet, which I caved on after testing it repeatedly at Watson's in SM North. I'm still on the fence about the moisturization aspect, since I've been spoiled on that by all the balms I've bought from Nivea and Etude House, but on me it's the perfect shade of brick red, without the brown/ purple/ orange tones. It's also surprisingly versatile, too, since I can wear it as a stain or layer it for something even more intense. I would even dare to say that it's a near-universal red for everyone: I think I've seen Elle Fowler wear this one, and she does not have the same coloration as I do, but it looks just as nice on her.

- Coming up next: The Script Frenzy aftermath (and possible Thank God It's Over post-mortem), along with a few essays on strengths, weaknesses, and character arcs.

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