A Little Ditty

Note to everyone: I'm doing a little number-crunching over the next few days, so I thought I'd give you all a break by sharing this ditty I wrote before the computer crash. More announcements to come in the next few days, so sit tight! 


When I met you for the first time
we were hanging out with friends at the bar
I was getting pretty trashed by then
And your friend tried to set us up
Thinking both of us should start to date
But you didn't want a rebound, so...

You must have thought I was a joke
But we both ordered the rum and Coke

So the next time that I saw you
I tried my best to stay on my feet
But I bought you a martini
And I asked if you remembered me
You surprised me when you said that you did
Then we talked until the sun came up

I didn't want that night to end
I thought that we could be more than friends

But you should...

Know this fact about me
I'm not lacking for the company
Of liquor, beer, and whisky
But my heart and liver want to be
Bound in this conspiracy
Of romance and sobriety
So now I really want to see
If we'll ever have that chemistry

So tell me if I'm half the punk
You thought I was when I got drunk
Maybe I can change your mind
But please say you'll be kind...

So I saw you again
On a sunny day at the park
And we went out for coffee
We both read the same books
And liked music, movies, food and sports
Then coffee led to dinner, and

You said you had too much to drink
When we first met, and didn't want to think

That, really...

I should know that fact about you
That you get very nervous too
The rum was there to keep you cool
And you didn't want to play the fool
But I knew that you had the right
To judge me harshly in that light
Yet you chose neither fight nor flight
So let's make this promise now...

One, two, one two three -

We're never getting drunk again
We're never getting drunk again
We're never getting drunk again
We're never getting drunk again

We're never getting drunk again

Oh, shit, is there a word that rhymes with "again"? 
So we're meeting up for breakfast instead
Great idea, let's go out
Screw the lyrics, screw the past
We're only just beginning

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