Today's Dispatch: Recovery

So, I finally gave up on Georgina Ace and got myself a new laptop, whom I've named Georgina Lee. 

I was going to get into how I got around to naming her as such (hint: iz from her daddeh) but right now I think about how emotional I had been without a computer, and how I'm still a little emotional whenever I look at her. 

When I first lost a laptop I kept telling myself that the most important thing for me is that I'm still alive, that I still have my family and friends to fall back on and my faith to keep me up. Losing my second laptop, on the other hand, felt more like a betrayal - weeks and weeks of promises that my computer would be back in shape, no matter what happens. And when these promises are broken, to the point where I could not step into the Acer service center without going into a rage... 

How do you bounce back from that? How could you trust the same people over and over again, when nothing even changes no matter how hard you try? Do you stay there and hope for the best, knowing that it's all you have... or do you put your foot down and end the agony, once and for all? 

Is this what it means to be taken for granted? Is this how I'm supposed to deal with things for the rest of my life? 

Anyway, I'm very, very happy with this new one, and the pink just makes me happier even through the toughest times. Here's hoping for the long haul. :) 

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