ERMAGHERD! (Or: This Is Why Critique Partners Rock)

Check out my guest post entry on Indigo Grace's blog!

A little background: Indigo and I go way back from the beginnings of Ladies Who Critique; we started off as critique partners, and now we're frequent posters on each other's blogs. We bonded over our similar approaches to writing, especially when it comes to compiling visual cues for our characters and putting our protagonists through the Proust Questionnaire. I've also had the honor of reading the first few chapters of Proving Ground, which now comprises the first book of the Overwatch series. Similarly, she was able to critique the first (convoluted) chapters of Nominated, and her notes have played a huge part in my later decision to split the story into a screenplay (the Nominated reboot) and a second novel (the as-yet drafted Mabel Wilder) to keep things going. Working with her has also helped me overcome my hesitation about introducing romantic angles into my stories; as much as I try to write for the market, I have her to thank for reminding me that it's easier - nay, better - to just write the stories that I want to write, and worry about the details later. 

Oh, and did I mention that we're both fans of In Plain Sight and original-flavor NCIS, too? 

In any case, it's been my pleasure to guest-post for this blog, which has been a great inspiration for me to keep on writing. Thank you, Indigo, for being a great critique partner. :) 

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