Today's Dispatch: Typhoon Season

This post would have been brought to you by Christopher "I Wasn't Informed!" Lao, but he's been keeping track of the weather this year. No need to freak out about flash-floods!

Yep, it's typhoon season in the Philippines, and our days have been marked with gloomy skies and sudden downpours. I've been wearing my trusty hoodie in the last few days, though it's been difficult because the cray-cray weather means that there will be times when the sweater would be too much. So instead of complaining about the gloomy weather, I've decided to draw up a list of small comforts that I've discovered in the last few: 

- Walking around the Academic Oval on an overcast day, with no rain

- Letting a friendly (and well-taken-care-of) cat jump straight into your lap - even if you just happened to smell like chorizo that day

- Fresh laundry

- Hot herbal tea

- Any Filipino cake/snack/whatnot made with sticky rice flour (oddly enough, the perfect writing snack... but I will write more about that later) 

- Catching up with friends through social media

- Finding the perfect pair of tweezers at the Japanese store

- Bic pens - and only Bic pens - for academic work (disclosure: pen snob right here)

- Omelettes

- Paying rent on time

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