Crushes Of Yore: No Apologies Necessary

Since I can't get Pinterest to work with Blogger at this time of night, I'll just go ahead and throw all sorts of random commentary on a few Crushes of Yore (and one that would have counted, except not)...

- Much as I adore him to bits - and believe me, I'm crushing on him hard right now - Jonny Lee Miller is to Benedict Cumberbatch what Biscoff is to Nutella. (Also, my brother will always hate him for making out with Angelina Jolie in Hackers.)

- Speaking of things that my family wants me to apologize for, my parents will never understand why I can't get myself to root for Novak Djokovic, even though he's winning almost everything that he puts his mind to these days. (Okay, maybe not Wimbledon.) Reason being that I can't seem to get into the game when he's on court in the same way that I do when I watch Federer or Nadal, for whom every move is the stuff of poetry. But hey, at least Nole's spoofs are funny.

- I also refuse to apologize for my ongoing obsession with Lee Pace's elven wig-and-headdress combo. That's all.

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