Something Different, For a Change

This post is best enjoyed with a rendition of "Air on a G String" by Bach.

Some of the beta readers for Save the Cake have asked me for spin-offs of the more memorable characters. Without discussing the spoilers for the story (which I won't talk about until the book has been released and read by enough fans, heh) I have decided to add more stories to the Reyna Bakery "universe" by popular demand.

One of the characters that I have spun off from StC is Odette Belmonte, a debutante who receives a Reyna Bakery cake for her 18th birthday-slash-debutante cotillion. She makes a memorable entrance in the story, but readers have hoped to see more of her outside of Eloisa's narrative. Thus, I needed to give Odette her own story - her own forum, so to speak.

The story began on Wattpad as a series of vignettes called "Be Creative", which I wrote as part of an ongoing YA series centered around a high school called Luna East Arts Academy. After writing that, however, I've also received requests from fellow Luna East writers to borrow Odette for their own stories, and I realized that she has become popular in her own way, if not as popular as the wicked queen bees from everybody else's stories.

So I decided to try something different.

And voila: I'm now blogging in character on the official Luna East site, where Odette's stories finally find a home of their own alongside short stories about her classmates.

Check out Odette's new blog at to catch up with what's going on in her own universe, from French-press coffee to fallen socialites.

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