Excerpt of the Week: Nominated, The Screenplay (Draft #1)

Remember Nominated? Well, after much soul-searching, I have decided to go ahead and adapt it as a screenplay.

A lot of things have changed: Claire Packard is now an unemployed investigative TV reporter, and "Ethan Trent" has been transformed into Michael (Mike) Garrison, an old friend of Claire's from high school whom she hasn't seen in years. Originally I wanted  to focus this more on Claire's own journey, since she's in a deeper emotional ditch than Michael in this story, but there's something undeniable about the bond between her and Mike that I could not help but start off this draft with the two of them meeting in the diner, Pulp Fiction-style. The fact that Mike and Claire know each other from school might even bring up another metaphor about Hollywood being one big high school, so the real reason why A-lister Mike would count on snooty Claire to help him out may have something to do with a big blow to his reputation... so, blackmail?

Anyway, I've already laid out the first few "minutes" of the screenplay using the Beat Sheet format from Save The Cat! Check out how the format breaks down the story elements for Bridesmaids, Moneyball, The Help, and Midnight in Paris.

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