Today's Dispatch: Won't You Be My Number Two

Part of me still wishes that I didn't have to write this entry at all, but... here she is.

Left to right: Smartlett Brohansson, Georgina Ace, and Robin Grayson. 

Behold: my replacement laptop, Georgina Ace. Like my long-lost Georgia Ace (RIP), she's also an Acer Aspire One, with Windows 7, 2GB of memory, scads of storage and Bluetooth capability, among other kick-ass features. I call her a Georgina, however, because she's smaller and more compact than Georgia (10" LED screen, compared to Georgia's 11") and thus slightly more portable. The folks at Octagon also made things easier for me by throwing in Robin Grayson, an external super-multi disk drive that plays and burns both CDs and DVDs, as a free add-on bundle with Georgina. (I chose to call her Robin to supplement Bruce Wayne, the DVD drive that Acer gave to me as a gift with Georgia.)

The rich red color is actually not that bright in person; in fact, she's actually more of a gold-toned burgundy than a fire-engine lipstick red. The folks at Acer still insist that she's red, though, so I'll take their word for it.

As for the Smart Bro broadband stick: The name "Smartlett Brohansson" came about when my Dad asked me how my "ScarJo" was able to pick up the Internet. She's currently part of the Starter Kit, but I'll have to call her "Black Wid-bro" if I ever decide to upgrade to a Power Plug-It, or anything faster. As it goes, I get along fine with Smart and their broadband service, as long as I pick up their signal wherever possible.

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